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Should this bail bond or bail bonds be forfeited for any reason, I do hereby authorize the bonding company to gather any information that is needed for their investigators. This will include: credit reports, marriage and divorce records, employment history, phone records, medical records, school records, tax records, and any other information that may be deemed necessary by the bonding company or their investigators.



As cosigner, I understand that, should the defendant fail to make any court appearance, I am liable for the FULL FEE agreed upon with BAIL BONDS BY RENELL.  I understand that the fee WILL NOT be reduced or refunded if the case is dismissed or bond is reduced. If for any reason a NEW BOND is required, said new bond will be subject to ADDITIONAL FEES. Should one or more of the bonds posted by BAIL BONDS BY RENELL on the defendant's behalf become forfeited I agree to pay all expenses incurred relating to the defendant's capture and return to custody, to BAIL BONDS BY RENELL.



The following conditions apply to the defendant's release from jail. Failure to meet any of these conditions will result in a petition by Bail Bonds by Renell to the court, to have the defendant's bond revoked, and to capture and return him or her to custody.

  • Failure to check in every Thursday.

  • Failure to immediately report any change of address, phone number or employment. This includes starting a new job if you were unemployed at the time of release.

  • Failure to make payments against your outstanding balance as agreed.

  • Giving any false information of any kind. If mail is returned undeliverable, if a phone is disconnected, or if the person answering the phone claims to not know who you are, then a request will immediately be made to the court to revoke your bond as outlined above.

  • Failure to notify our office immediately of any subsequent arrest while BAIL BONDS BY RENELL is surety on one or more bonds for the defendant and will result in our requesting the court to revoke bond as outlined above. Further, in the event defendant is rearrested on a new criminal charge, this office will review the circumstances at the time and may ask the court for BAIL BONDS BY RENELL to be released from liability defendant's existing bonds.

  • Failure to report to BAIL BONDS BY RENELL within 24 hours of defendant's release from jail to complete the additional information needed for your file.

  • Failure to gain consent from this office before leaving the state for any reason.

  • Failure to call this office after each court date and report disposition immediately (within 24 hours).

  • Failure to respond to any attempt by this office to call defendant. You should come by this office or call the office immediately.


By placing my signature on this document, or by submitting it online to BAIL BONDS BY RENELL,

I hereby agree that:

  • I have read and understand the above surety bail bond agreement.

  • I understand that if for some reason this bond cannot be posted, there is a nonrefundable processing fee of $25.00.

  • I understand that I am responsible to make payments for money due on the premium of this bond should defendant not do so. A $25.00 late charge will be computed on past due accounts.

  • A forfeiture of the bail bill will be entered by the court if the defendant fails to make any court appearance. I understand that the bond is ordered or forfeited and if it is not ordered reinstated or exonerated that I must pay the full amount of the bail forfeited to the bail bond company.

  • I understand that if I breach the bail bond stipulations and contract by non payment or any other action as defined above, I am responsible for any collection, actions taken, including attorney fees and costs, court costs, and interest.

  • I understand that collateral cannot be released until all bonds posted on my behalf for the defendant have been exonerated, and written notice from the court provided to the bail agency is received.

  • I understand and agree that a minimum of $250 on misdemeanor and $300 on felonies will be charged on any bond forfeiture or reinstatement.

  • I agree that if legal action between the two parties concerning this bail bond or bail bonds is brought, it shall be brought in and before a federal or sate court in Montgomery County, in the State of Texas.

  • I agree that this bond is binding for a one year period. At the end of that period, I am required to pay the bail premium every year, in advance hereafter, until Bail Bonds by Renell is legally discharged from all liability.

  • I understand the client must check in every Thursday. I understand as a cosigner I must make sure the client checks in.

  • I understand as the cosigner that payments must be made on time and in the full amount.

  • I understand that if the defendant's bail bond(s) are forfeited for any reason, as the cosigner, I am personally liable, and legally as well as financially responsible to pay any and all court, investigation, or legal fees on any other expenses related to the apprehension of the said defendant or related to the reinstatement of any forfeited bail bonds.

  • I understand completely that if this defendant's bail bond(s) are forfeited for any reason that, as the cosigner, I am responsible legally and financially for the full bond amount(s).


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                                                                                                       BAIL BONDS BY RENELL